Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twinterview with Spencer Nuzzi - Exclusive!

Southern California is a hot bed for skateboard talent, and Spencer is a shining example of this. Look him up, watch a few youtube videos and you will see what I mean. Just returning home from the Birdhouse tour that ended last month, Spencer (@SpencerNuzzi) answers a few questions.

Q. Who do you ride for? Who are your sponsors?

A. I ride for @birdhouse @THEEVETRUCKS @Armourdillo @willysworkshop

Q. Will you be skating at the Fil-am this Saturday at Memorial park? - I asked this question right before I seriously sprained my ankle. Yes, Spencer rode at this festival, have a look at a little video.

Q. When skating do you prefer natural street terrain or skate parks?

A. I love to skate everything. Either or for me. Just no ice rinks or turf.

Q. What size trucks and wheels do you ride?

A. 8in @THEEVETRUCKS and 52mm wheels

As a bonus, here is Spencer ripping it up in OVERdose!

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