Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dylan Rieder is serious!

Gravis Shoes just dropped this Dylan Rieder video part on the globe and it kicks ass! Dylan is a serious, natural terrain street skater with power in each push to be envious of. His skating is aggressive, big, and he shows no fear of the biggest drops. Watch out for the biggest ollie impossible tail grab I have ever seen! This video is too good not to share, so get to it.

If you don't believe me that this video is special, take a look at the Fuel TV report from the premiere below.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mondays with Mike V: Episode 17

Mike is out on the road with his Glory bound Tour and checked it with this episode. The crew is not afraid of roller skates, big slams, tour life, guitars, or serious shredding. Check out the video and learn why "skateboarding is still sacred here!"

Stay in touch with the Glory Bound Tour by clicking here!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

X Games was Amazing!

Travis Pastrana's victory double backflip!
If you follow me then you know I was lucky enough to go to X Games 16. X Games always delivers serious excitement and this year was no different. I attended the Megaramp events, Rally Car events, Moto X freestyle, and all the Vert events.

And Buckworth front flip BMX Big Air warmups

It was crazy to meet several X Games athletes including Gary Young and Simon Tabron, both who live right here in San Diego. Most X Games athletes are very approachable and happy to shake your hand. I have too many pictures to share them all, so here are a few good shots and my 3 most popular X Games 16 videos:

Bob Burnquist attempts the first 900 on the Megaramp, bar far the most popular video:

In second place we have Piere Luc-Gagnon with his Gold Medal Best Trick!:

In third is Chad Kagy's Gold Medal BMX Big Air run:

I can't wait for Winter X Games or next year's Summer X Games. The athletes really put down the best show they can for X and it shows. So many riders we obviously in large amounts of pain and fighting serious injuries for the chance at a Gold Medal. It really stood out in Vert and Vert Best Trick for me. Danny Mayer was suffering from severe neck pain from a compressed disc injury yet he threw down great runs, and in best trick landed a kickflip Mc Twist. Watch for more photos or videos from my X Games trip in the future, and to view all 17 of my x Games videos, click here.